51,000? that’s the worst.. do it awwww that’s a good start hmm? that’s a good start that’s a GOOD start! I like it like that keep it going more more more get that mini or the minor cmon there ya to go UNO Lets add them up! hmm?

let us add them up aww nice we don’t get any more free spins but its nicer to you! WAY much nicer to you CARS Yeah!!! CHIP!!! awwwwwww CHIP!!!

Perfect! Perfect!! That’s a pretty good start! Yaaaaayyyy Yaaaaayyyy YAAAAYYY Yaaa—Yaaayyy Last One! Let’s see what we got Looks like a lot That’ll work Cool That’s a good start too… Ooohhhh Last Second!

So Exciting!! Last One! Nope… three more Last One That was fun! should be a good win bro Yeah Buddy!!!! PERFECT!

What’s that? What’s the secret? (neighbor) You start off with a million, you end up with ten thousand!!!!

Dang… *Laughing* You pick it Yeah!! Ill take a little Mini right there! That’s a big bet there right? another mini its adding up pretty quick!!

oh yeah UNO!! That’s a nice little run up! seven hundred dollars you think? I don’t know eight fifty oh my gosh COIN!!

TEN there ya go FREE SPINS, well take some more free spins! that’s good pure excitement and twenty-five bucks and some MORE spins!!! yeah sure just keep the damn cases coming! WILD!!! I’ll take it MATCHEM!

Coin! COIN!!! Wild works! MATCHEM! There we go I got 1 I got the important one yeah that’s a good one oh that’s good cmon COIN ITSDOLLARS I didn’t realize its dollars… That’s a good thing to wake up too!!! That’s how you start it!!!

Oh my goodness!! That’s how you start it!! 1000 2000 2450 2500? 1650 2550 2550? or 2500 2550!

2550 2600? 2550! 1000 2000 25 50 2650 27 28 three thousand UNO! Thirty-Two Fifty!!

Ooohoo!!! good time for that! yeah slid it in the last second!! a bailout thirty-SEVEN fifty!!

put a little bigger one out there! THIRTY-EIGHT! oh, it’s flashing ITS EFFING FLASHING! WHOA Never seen that before!!! That means its gonna hit cmon!!!! If it does that you already won cmon!!!


HOLY COW GOT EM!! WOOOO You filmed the thing? Filmed the whole thing!!! Sixty PLUS the other Plus everything else!!

Holy Shit!! That’s like getting 6th place tonight BOOM WOW! Good Job! I think I have some paperwork to do I think so UNBELIEVABLE UNBELIEVABLE!!

Thank You!! I hit 2 of them, one for 80 and one for 87 thousand wow I was playing the other day… when they show up like that yeah yeah Ive recorded a thousand of them, I know!!! I bet you never see one NO!! Ive hit 6 of them and 9 times Ive seen the ball.

I hit 6 of the 9 WoW yeah it was flashing almost every freaking time. I knew that sucker was gonna hit! Golly! Usually means its gonna hit I agree… I had never seen it before, at all!

If you dont see, its NOT coming yeah yeah yea that I knew when I saw it I was like… GUYS SHUT UP IM TRYING TO PLAY HERE Yeah I know WHEW!! How much is that? Ummm sixty…. where.. we are finding out right now sixty five about sixty four thousand 48 plus well 65 thousand sixty four thousand two hundred eighty five dollars 64285 dollars